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    Frequently asked questions

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    Frequently asked questions

    What chemicals do you use for cleaning?

    We wash carpets with water and soup. No chemical or harmful products will be used.

    Do you have a grantee for damage and cleaning of the carpets?

    Yes, we grantee 100 percent. We won't damage your carpets at all.

    Do you use machine for the process of cleaning?

    No, It's a hand process. Although we have some machines like power wash and brushes to make the cleaning process easier.

    Do you grantee your repairs?

    Of course, all the repairs will be long lasting and severe with the carpet.

    Do you have odor removal grantee?

    For sure, all the odor will be removed.

    Do you have delivery and pickup?

    Yes, We provide delivery and pick up. Moreover, we have a store that you are able to come and drop off your carpets a nicely with discount.

    Do you use sketch guards?

    Yes, we do this to protect your carpets from the future stains.