Why Choose Us?

 over 30 years of experience

Ontario cleaning carpet has over 30 years of experience in carpet cleaning, which is a family business. We have fully trained and certified technicians who have special licenses from Iranian Carpet union. We know how to treat each and every carpet professionally. You can come and see all the steps that your carpet goes through, or you may see the process live on our pages in social media.

  • professionally clean and sanitize your rugs
  • We will provide the best service possible
  • know how to treat each and every carpet professionally
  • guarantee your satisfaction

 We use an exclusive steps process:



Dusting off

with our new state of art machine, unique of its own in GTA, all dust is whipped (beaten hard) out of the rug


Stain removal and odor

Depending on the material of the rug (cotton, wool or silk) and kind of stain, we use a soft cleaning solution at a certain concentration to bring the best outcome.


Disinfecting and fully washing

Rug will be washed with clean running water, specialist rug cleaning shampoos and soft brushes only, both sides of the carpet


Drying and wrapp

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Our Premium Services

We can do it because we are expert in cleaning rugs

Repair and restoration

repair and restoration is done by professionally trained technicians, for whom rugs are indispensable parts of their life.


Don’t trust give your valuable belongings to anyone… call our expert technicians at Ontario carpet cleaning today and get them looking new again.
Rug leathering

Rug leathering

Leather binding under the free edges of rugs provides extra support to keep them flat on the floor. In addition, it protects your rug from wear and tear.